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BODYLNE offers authentic Lolita fashion♪

We have a wide variety of originally designed Lolita fashion items at reasonable prices♪ We have dresses, jumper skirts, skirts, blouses, shoes, and more. We have a wide variety of dresses, jumper skirts, skirts, blouses, shoes, etc. From high-class designs to dreamy cute designs. Lolita fashion at BODYLNE!

About Lolita FashionIntroducing BODYLINE's Lolita fashion!

We have a wide selection of Lolita fashion. Large sizes are also available.
We introduce our popular Lolita fashion!

One piece
One-piece dresses in genres such as "sweet Lolita / Princess Lolita, Classical Lolita (craloli), Japanese Lolita, and Casual Lolita". In addition to about 50 different designs, we have a wide variety of colors and patterns! There are also set items such as those with boleros.
Jumper skirt
A jumper skirt is a sleeveless one-piece skirt. It is a versatile item that can change its atmosphere depending on the tops it is worn with, such as blouses and cut-and-sew garments.
The lineup includes many gorgeous skirts that have been carefully designed down to the smallest detail. You can freely change the atmosphere with the matching tops, so please enjoy a variety of outfits.
Shirts / Blouses
This blouse is made with a particular attention to detail with lace and ruffles. We also have a blouse with a large removable ribbon attached! You can have as many of these blouses as you like, as they are easy to match with anything.

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